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Quaking Aspen Trees - Alpine County's Autumn Treasure

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

While visiting Lake Tahoe in the Fall, we decided to venture out on an Autumn leaf color hunt. I knew that the scenery would be stunning no matter what, but I had found one particular map online that peaked my interest! It was called, "Autumn in Alpine County." (If you make it to the end of this post, you've earned the right to click the map link I've included.) ;)

The roads can get a little windy, but the scenery is totally worth it!

We were only able to visit a few of the locations highlighted, but by no means were we disappointed! By far, the most beautiful trees that we had come across were the Quaking Aspen! These shimmering, tall, white trees with bright yellow leaves are known for the unique sound they make when the wind blows through them. It is said that the Onondaga people called them “nut-kie-e,” meaning “noisy leaf.” It was calming and beautiful.

We thought this bear was a pretty cool piece of art!

The color of these trees, especially when surrounding you on all sides, is definitely overwhelming (in a good way)! The contrast between the bright blue sky and the leaves' deep yellow hue made us feel as though we were in a live painting.

October was the perfect month to visit! The color was so vibrant at the beginning of the month.

In one particular spot off the highway, there were benches, trails, and even a flight of stairs amongst the trees. So much to explore and experience and a great place to let the kids run loose for a bit!

Just enjoying the Autumn beauty and unique sounds of the Aspen trees.

As we ascended the stairs and continued on a marked path, the beauty abounded! On all sides, the gorgeous Aspen trees whistled and swayed. And just when we thought it couldn't get any more surreal, there was a swing set at the top!

We all enjoyed this swing set with a view! I admired the natural way in which it was built.

I do recommend that you wear layers if you come in the Fall, as it can be a bit chilly, but while hiking around you're sure to warm up a bit.

The kids found a lot of nature's toys to play with!

The Aspen trees are so well known and loved in Alpine County that there's an annual festival in their honor. We just so happened to visit on the weekend of the Aspen Festival! We had to stop in and check it out, of course.

Simply stunning.

The festival was quaint and fun! There were baby Aspen trees up for adoption and we chose the little guy pictured below named Shimmer!

Our new family member!!! He was pretty easy to train, too. ;)

There were plenty of tables to explore. Artists, education specialist, and volunteers all had something to offer. It was the perfect ending to our Autumn adventure!

Incredible Aspen Watercolor Art!

Well, you made it to the end, so here's the link I promised you!

Autumn In Alpine County Map

We hope you get a chance to visit this beautiful County and all it has to offer, especially the Quaking Aspen trees in the Fall. ;)

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